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ArtCognito is celebrating the inter-relatedness of art, science and cognition.

Art and Science. To those who practice neither, they seem like polar opposites, one data-driven, the other driven by sensations, affect and emotion. One dominated by technical introverts, the other by expressive eccentrics. For those of us involved in either field today (Ingrid and Jeanna have a hand in both), we know that the similarities between how artists and scientists work far outweigh their stereotypical differences. Both are dedicated to asking the big questions: “What is true? What is consciousness? What is human? Why does it matter? How can we best move forward into the future?”

Both, art and science, search deeply, and often with a passionate urgency, for these answers. We know that the scientist’s laboratory and the artist’s studio are two of the last places reserved for open-ended inquiry, for failure to be a welcome part of the process, for learning to occur by a continuous feedback loop between thinking and doing. But this thinking is not free of bias and that’s where the methodology of cognitive science can be an asset. To reflect upon the artistic and scientific process on a meta-level and unveil hidden biases buried in the social systems that create, negotiate and navigate art and science – academia and the art market.

Our mission is to provide new perspectives, enable and strengthen relationships in science and art and advance the case for their reunion. Our membership is composed of scientists, artists, educators and enthusiasts who believe that the most relevant innovation happens at intersections and disciplinary fringes.
We bring together researchers/art creators via cross-modal ideas and transdisciplinary installations, discovered, explored and researched by attendees through novel experiences and reflection of cognitive processes.

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